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Importance of a Confidentiality Agreement

The ultimate Brix-Berg and client/ partner collaboration ends in developing

  • Proprietary,   
(specific details secret to the company)
  • Patented, 
(in the US and/or abroad), and
  • and Profitable
(economic at production or pilot levels)

separations solutions.

We start all dialogues with client/partners with a Confidentiality Agreement to allow the parties to share certain technical, product purity, feedstock price, product value and input factor costs.

Client/Partner shares information on:

  • Feedstock composition     
(Weight %, Mole %)
  • Volumes to be separated 
(Metric tons, Pounds)
  • Product purity levels
(Industrial, USP)
  • Economic factors 
(Power, Steam, Labor)

Brix-Berg shares information on:

  • Past work   
(Patents, )
  • Related experience  
  • Technical approach
(R&D plan and cost)

To see a printable copy of a typical Brix-Berg Confidentiality Agreement clink on this link: Confidentiality Agreement  

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