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ICELANDIC SEPARATIONS is an Icelandic firm jointly founded by Brix-Berg Company and :


*          Icechem ehf, a business development firm owned by the Icelandic Research Institute, the Icelandic Federation of Industries, the marketing arm of the Icelandic Power Board and leading private  investors,


*          Hitaveita Sudurnesja-The largest geothermal steam, power and cooling water company in the Icelandic Reykenes Peninsula area, and


*          Oliudreifing ehf, the Icelandic owned ESSO affiliate responsible for importing, storing and distributing petroleum products in Iceland.  


Icelandic Separations was formed to be the first completely “green” (non-fossil fuel based) chemical separations facility in Iceland, EU and possibly the world.   It's business will be importing select mixtures available worldwide and using Brix-Berg Technology and inexpensive abundant steam, power and cooling water to develop a new industry for Iceland.


Initial emphasis will be centered around separating alcohols for the pharmaceutical, specialty chemical and solvent markets, flavors and fragrances from natural products, certain aromatic isomers and naturally derived fatty acid esters and ethers. 


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