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Brix-Berg Management in Brief

  Dr. Lloyd Berg, a founder of Brix-Berg, is a PhD Chemical Engineer from Purdue University who was founder and head of the Chemical Engineering department at Montana State University since 1946.

Terry Brix, a founder, is a BS Chemical Engineer from MSU, MS work and MBA from the University of Washington. Brix worked with Battelle Memorial Institute prior to starting his first company in 1980.  Brix has formed a series of technology based companies that have gone public or have stayed private.  The firms have ranged from Iochem, the largest US producer of elemental iodine to Seapath a firm designing and building research and tourist submarines.    Brix main interests center on Brix-Berg and IPCI which has developed a process to convert renewable sugars to petrochemicals.  

Other senior management/advisors are:

Mr. John Orth, Chemical Engineer 

Dr. Joe Sears, PhD Analytical Chemist responsible for all analytical services needed by the company.   


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