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Brix-Berg Philosophy

Our Mission Statement:

The Brix-Berg corporate mission is to be the leading R&D and process development company in the field of extractive and azeotropic distillation.  

Our objectives are to:  

A                  Extend the state-of-the-art in separations technology related to meaningful industrial and biomedical applications, and

B                 Develop processes and support services to facilitate commercialization worldwide.  

Our Commandments?

It may sound corny in the age of quarterly profits and short term everything, but Brix-Berg has developed a internal ten commandment list that has served to govern our business philosophy as well as directs our internal long range R&D.  

We are pleased to share the following;               

Thou shall not burn by-product chemicals produced by any process except as a last resort to recover energy value or reduce pollution potential.  


Thou shall not sell mixes except for the sum total value of their components except as a last resort to recover energy value or reduce pollution potential.  

Each chemical produced by the industry should have a separation process developed regardless to economics, because economics and societal concerns change.  


A research priority of every firm should be to develop ways of purifying and separating everything they make. To do less is a disservice to the potential of the chemical, the process and the company stakeholders.  


The products you make today, may be the raw materials for the ones you make tomorrow.


Never, ever sell a chemical for less than its highest value potential.  


Always create, develop first.  If you donít economics can never catch up.  


Move towards green, renewable, non-petroleum based materials.  


Develop separation options and use the least resource consuming (energy, power, agents, labor) options available.  


Treat the chemicals you make as you would your children-because they are.

In the last fifteen years this philosophy has resulted in 300 patents, fifty process licenses and laboratory experimentation resulting in physical data (including pressure, temperature, binary and ternary mixes, plus extractive and azeotropic agents) from over 45,000 runs.   


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