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The chart below lists Compound1 which may be extracted from Compound2 and the Separation Type. Mark the check box for any patents you are interested in and enter your contact information on our Response Form. 

Acetic  Acid   Acetone  Acrylic Acid   Amyl  Acetate,N-  and  water   Amyl  Alcohol,t-   Benzene Butanediol,2,3-  Butanol,1-  Butanol,2-   Butanone,2-   Butyl Acetate,2-  Butyl  Acetate,N-  Butyl Alcohol,t-  Butyl Ether, m-tert   Butyraldehyde  Carbohydrates, C5&6  Carene,3-  Chloroform  Conversion of Acetic Acid into Diketene and water  Cumene  Cyclohexane  Decene,1-  Diisopropylbenzene,m-  Dissln Coal w/pitch  Ethanol  Ethanol, Isopropanol  Ethanol/Propanol  Ethyl  Acetate  Ethyl Benzene  Ethylene Glycol  Formic  Acid Glycerine  Heptane  Heptane,n-  Hexane  Hexene1-  Hexyl Acetate,N-   Hexyl  Alcohol,N-  Isobutyl  Acetate  Isopropanol  Isopropyl  Acetate  Isopropyl  Ether  Ketone Isomers  Lactates  Linoleic acid  Linoleic acid, conj  Menthane,p-  Methanol  Methoxyethanol,2-  Methyl Acetate  Methyl t-Butyl Ether  Methyl Ethyl Ketone  Methyl Isobutyl Ketone  Methyl-1 Propanol,2-  Methyl-1-Butanol,3-  Methyl-1,Butanols,2 and3-  Methyl-2-Butanol,3-  Methyl-2-Butanone,3-  Methyl-2-Pentanol,4-  Methyl-2-Pentanone,4-  Methyl-2-Pentenal,3-  Methyl-Butanol-1;2-  Methylene Chloride  Octene,1-  Pentanol,1-  Pentanone,2-  Pentanone,3-  Phellandrene  Phellandrene,-a  Propanoic Acid  Propanol,1-  Propanol,N-  Propyl  Acetate, N-  Propyl Alcohols  Propylene Glycol  Pyridine  Styrene  Sulfur  Sulfur from pitch  Tetrachloroethylene  Toluene  Trichloroethane,1,1,1-  Trichloroethylene  Triethylene Glycol  Trimethyl Benzene,1,2,4-  Vinyl  Acetate  Xylene,m-  Xylene,o-  Xylene,p- 

ID Compound 1 from Compound 2 Separation Type
1 Acetic  Acid Dioxane ED
2 Acetic  Acid Dioxane ED
3 Acetic Acid Water ED
4 Acetic Acid Water AZ
5 Acetic Acid Water ED top
6 Acetic Acid Methyl-2-pentanone,4- ED
7 Acetic Acid Formic Acid ED
8 Acetic Acid Formic Acid AZ
9 Acetone Methanol ED
10 Acetone Methanol ED top
11 Acetone isopropanol/H2O ED
12 Acrylic Acid Water ED
13 Amyl  Acetate,N-  and  water Amyl  Alcohol,N- ED
14 Amyl  Acetate,N-  and  water Amyl  Alcohol,N- ED
15 Amyl  Alcohol,t- Isobutanol ED top
16 Amyl  Alcohol,t- Isobutanol ED
17 Amyl  Alcohol,t- methyl-1-propanol,2- ED
18 Amyl  Alcohol,t- methyl-1-propanol,2- AZ
19 Amyl  Alcohol,t- propanol,1- AZ
20 Amyl  Alcohol,t- butanol,n- AZ top
21 Amyl  Alcohol,t- methyl-1-propanol,2- AZ
22 Amyl  Alcohol,t- butanol,n- ED
23 Benzene Hydrocarbons, non-arom. ED
24 Benzene Acetone AZ
25 Benzene Hydrocarbons, close boiling AZ top
26 Benzene Hydrocarbons, close boiling ED
27 Butanediol,2,3- Propylene  Glycol AZ
28 Butanol,1- Pentanol,2- ED
29 Butanol,1- Pentanol,2- AZ
30 Butanol,1- Pentanol,2- ED top
31 Butanol,2- Amyl  Alcohol,t- ED
32 Butanol,2- Amyl  Alcohol,t- AZ
33 Butanol,2- Amyl  Alcohol,t- ED
34 Butanol,2- Amyl  Alcohol,t- AZ
35 Butanol,2- isobutanol ED top
36 Butanol,2- Amyl  Alcohol,t- ED
37 Butanone,2- isopropanol AZ
38 Butyl  Acetate,2- Butanol,2- ED
39 Butyl  Acetate,N- Butanol,N- ED
40 Butyl  Acetate,N- Butanol,N- ED top
41 Butyl Alcohol,t- Water AZ&ED
42 Butyl Ether, m-tert C5's ED
43 Butyraldehyde ethanol AZ
44 Butyraldehyde ethanol ED
45 Carbohydrates, C5&6 top
46 Carene,3- Limonene AZ
47 Carene,3- Limonene ED
48 Carene,3- limonene ED
49 Chloroform Lower Alcohols ED
50 Conversion of  Acetic  Acid  into Diketene and water Linoleic acids,conj. AZ top
51 Cumene
52 Cyclohexane ethyl toluene,3- AZ
53 Decene,1- Cyclohexene ED
54 Decene,1- Decane AZ
55 Decene,1- Octanone,2- AZ top
56 Diisopropylbenzene,m- Octanone,2- AZ
57 Diisopropylbenzene,m- Diisopropylbenzene,p- AZ
58 Diisopropylbenzene,m- Diisopropylbenzene,p- AZ
59 Diisopropylbenzene,m- Diisopropylbenzene,p- AZ
60 Diisopropylbenzene,m- Diisopropylbenzene,p- AZ top
61 Diisopropylbenzene,m- Diisopropylbenzene,p- AZ
62 Diisopropylbenzene,m- Diisopropylbenzene,p- ED
63 Dissln Coal w/pitch Diisopropylbenzene,p- AZ
64 Ethanol
65 Ethanol Water ED top
66 Ethanol Water ED
67 Ethanol Isopropanol ED
68 Ethanol Butanol,t- ED
69 Ethanol isopropanol AZ
70 Ethanol isopropanol ED top
71 ethanol Isopropanol AZ
72 Ethanol isopropanol AZ
73 Ethanol isopropanol ED
74 Ethanol, Isopropanol Butanone,2- ED
75 Ethanol/Propanol water AZ top
76 Ethyl  Acetate water ED
77 Ethyl  Acetate Ethanol  and  water ED
78 Ethyl  Acetate Methyl  Ethyl  Ketone ED
79 Ethyl Acetate Ethanol  and   water ED
80 Ethyl Benzene ethanol AZ top
81 Ethyl Benzene xylene,o- ED
82 Ethyl Benzene xylenes AZ
83 Ethyl Benzene xylene,p- ED
84 Ethyl Benzene Xylenes,p- and m- AZ
85 Ethylene  Glycol Xylenes,p- and m- ED top
86 Formic  Acid Butanediol  Isomers AZ
87 Formic  Acid Acetic  Acid ED
88 Formic  Acid Dioxane ED
89 Formic  Acid Acetic Acid ED
90 Formic Acid Dioxane ED top
91 Formic Acid Water ED
92 Formic Acid Water ED
93 Formic Acid Water ED
94 Formic Acid Water ED
95 Formic Acid Water ED top
96 Formic Acid Water ED
97 Formic Acid Water ED
98 Formic Acid acetic acid ED
99 Glycerine acetic acid AZ
100 Glycerine Polyols AZ top
101 Glycerine Sorbitol AZ
102 Glycerine mannitol/lactose,etc AZ
103 Heptane THFDM AZ
104 Heptane Vinyl Acetate AZ
105 Heptane,n- Heptene,1- ED top
106 Heptane,n- Vinyl Acetate ED
107 Hexane Vinyl Acetate ED
108 Hexane Vinyl Acetate, MA ED
109 Hexane Vinyl Acetate AZ
110 Hexene,1- Vinyl Acetate, MA ED top
111 Hexene1- hexane ED
112 Hexyl  Acetate,N- Hexane AZ
113 Hexyl  Alcohol,N- Hexyl  Alcohol,N- ED
114 Isobutyl  Acetate N-Hexyl  Acetate ED
115 Isobutyl  Acetate Isobutanol ED top
116 Isopropanol Isobutanol ED
117 Isopropanol Isopropyl  Acetate and water ED
118 Isopropanol Isoppropyl  Acetate ED
119 Isopropanol Butanol,t- ED
120 Isopropanol Isopropyl  Acetate ED top
121 Isopropanol Isopropyl  Acetate ED
122 Isopropyl  Acetate butanone,2- ED
123 Isopropyl  Acetate Isopropanol ED
124 Isopropyl  Acetate Isopropanol ED
125 Isopropyl  Ether Isopropanol ED top
126 Isopropyl  Ether Acetone ED
127 Isopropyl  Ether Isopropanol  and water ED
128 Isopropyl Ether Isopropanol  and  water ED
129 Isopropyl Ether Methyl  Ethyl  Ketone ED
130 Isopropyl Ether Isopropanol  and  water ED top
131 Isopropyl Ether Methyl  Ethyl Ketone ED
132 Ketone Isomers Acetone ED
133 Lactates Ketone Isomers ED
134 Linoleic acid ED
135 Linoleic acids, conj. linolenic acid AZ top
136 Menthane,p- p-Cymene ED
137 Methanol Acetone ED
138 Methanol Methyl  Acetate ED
139 Methoxyethanol,2- Water ED
140 Methyl Acetate Methanol ED top
141 Methyl  t-Butyl Ether Hydrocarbons ED
142 Methyl Acetate Methanol ED
143 Methyl Ethyl Ketone ethanol AZ
144 Methyl Ethyl Ketone ethanol ED
145 Methyl Isobutyl Ketone Toluene AZ top
146 Methyl-1 Propanol,2- Butanol,2- ED
147 Methyl-1 Propanol,2- Butanol,2- ED
148 Methyl-1 Propanol,2- methyl-1-butanol,3- ED
149 Methyl-1 Propanol,2- methyl-1-butanol,2- AZ
150 Methyl-1 Propanol,2- Butanol,2- AZ top
151 Methyl-1 Propanol,2- butanol,1- AZ
152 Methyl-1 Propanol,2- methyl-1-butanol,2- ED
153 Methyl-1-Butanol,3- pentanol,1- AZ
154 Methyl-1-Butanol,3- pentanol,1- ED
155 Methyl-1-Butanol,3- pentanol,1- ED top
156 Methyl-1-Butanols,2 and3- pentanol,1- AZ
157 Methyl-2 Pentanone,4- Acetic Acid ED
158 Methyl-2-Butanol,3- pentanol,2-/1-butanol AZ
159 Methyl-2-Butanol,3- butanol,1- ED
160 Methyl-2-Butanol,3- Pentanol,2- AZ top
161 Methyl-2-Butanol,3- butanol,1- AZ
162 Methyl-2-Butanol,3- 2-Pentanol ED
163 Methyl-2-Butanol,3- 2-Pentanol AZ
164 Methyl-2-Butanone,3- Formic  Acid ED
165 Methyl-2-Butanone,3- Formic  Acid ED top
166 Methyl-2-Butanone,3- Formic Acid ED
167 Methyl-2-Pentanol,4- methyl-1-butanol,3- AZ
168 Methyl-2-Pentanol,4- methyl-1-butanol,3- ED
169 Methyl-2-Pentanone,4- Acetic  Acid (Ketene) Dist.
170 Methyl-2-Pentanone,4- Formic  or  Acetic  Acid ED top
171 Methyl-2-Pentanone,4- Formic  Acid ED
172 Methyl-2-Pentanone,4- Formic Acid ED
173 Methyl-2-Pentenal,3- butanol,N- ED
174 Methyl-Butanol-1;2- Pentanol-1 ED
175 Methylene Chloride Methylal ED top
176 Methylene Chloride Ethyl Ether ED
177 Methylene Chloride Lower Formates ED
178 Methylene Chloride Ethyl Vinyl Ether ED
179 Methylene Chloride Lower Alcohols ED
180 Methylene Chloride pentane,n- ED top
181 Methylene Chloride Tetrahydrofuran ED
182 Octene 1 Octene Isomers ED
183 Octene,1- Octane AZ
184 Pentanol,1- Cyclopentanol ED
185 Pentanone,2- Formic  Acid ED top
186 Pentanone,2- Formic  Acid ED
187 Pentanone,3- Formic Acid ED
188 Phellandrene Limonene AZ
189 Phellandrene Limonene ED
190 Phellandrene,-a carene,3- AZ top
191 Phellandrene,-a Limonene,D- AZ
192 Propanoic Acid Water ED
193 Propanol,1- Butanol,2- AZ
194 Propanol,1- Butanol,2- ED
195 Propanol,1- amyl alcohol,t- ED top
196 Propanol,N- Allyl  Alcohol ED
197 Propanol,N- Butanol,2- ED
198 Propanol,N- T-Amyl  Alcohol ED
199 Propyl  Acetate, N- N-Propanol ED
200 Propyl  Acetate, N- N-Propanol and water ED top
201 Propyl Alcohols Water AZ&ED
202 Propylene Glycol Butanediol,1,2- AZ
203 Propylene Glycol Ethylene Glycol AZ
204 Pyridine Water ED
205 Styrene Ethyl  Benzene ED top
206 Styrene Ethyl  Benzene/o-Xylene AZ
207 Sulfur Pet.  Coke  with  Lime Removal
208 Sulfur from pitch
209 Tetrachloroethylene Butanol ED
210 Tetrachloroethylene Lower Alcohols ED top
211 Toluene Hydrocarbons, non-arom. ED
212 Trichloroethane,1,1,1- Hexane,n- ED
213 Trichloroethane,1,1,1- Lower Alcohols ED
214 Trichloroethylene Butyl Alcohol ED
215 Triethylene  Glycol Triols AZ top
216 Trimethyl Benzene,1,2,4- trimethyl benzene,1,2,3- AZ
217 Trimethyl Benzene,1,2,4- trimethyl benzene,1,2,3- ED
218 Vinyl  Acetate Ethyl  Acetate ED
219 Vinyl  Acetate Ethyl  Acetate ED
220 Vinyl Acetate Methyl  Acrylate ED top
221 Xylene,m- Xylene,o- ED
222 Xylene,m- Xylene,o- ED
223 Xylene,m- Xylene,o- ED
224 Xylene,m- Xylene,o- ED
225 Xylene,m- Xylene,o- ED top
226 Xylene,m- Xylene,o- ED
227 Xylene,m- Xylene,o- ED
228 Xylene,m- Xylene,o- ED
229 Xylene,m- Xylene,o- ED
230 Xylene,m- Xylene,o- ED top
231 Xylene,m- xylene,p- ED
232 Xylene,m- xylenes AZ
233 Xylene,m- Xylene,p- or o- ED
234 Xylene,o- xylene,p- and m- AZ
235 Xylene,o- xylene,p- and m- ED top
236 Xylene,p- Xylene,m- ED
237 Xylene,p- Xylene,m- ED
Please email us with any inquiries and refer by number to the patents above.

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